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I've never written a blog post before

Are you in a transitional phase of your life? Yeah, me too.

I spend the last 8 years working as a human machine in the corporate world, and after a lot of life lessons that made me realize I had more to give to this world, I finally took the leap to begin my entrepreneurial journey.

But what does that mean? To me, it means getting to choose how I wish to create value everyday. It means surrounding myself with smart and talented people that I can learn from, while together making awesome products and services. It means investing my time in different passion-driven projects that also bring money (hello multi-hyphenate entrepreneurship).

And more importantly, it means getting back into the joy of creating. When I got consumed by the corporate grind, I quickly learned that fancy job titles don’t make me feel any more successful nor happier. It turned out to be quite the opposite actually, but that’s a story for another time.

What brings me satisfaction, and ultimately the feeling of success, is the joy that I feel during the process of creating something that makes people’s lives easier and brighter. I know this sounds like it’s coming from a bullshit generator, but it’s the truth.

I f*cking love the process of debating business problems, brainstorming on new ideas, quickly whipping up testable solutions, getting lost and crazy over the small details, strategizing on how to optimize and celebrating the results. And when you get to do all of that with smart, talented people who are also super fun to work with, well, that’s joy.

So that’s why I took the leap - to follow my joy.

And to do that, I also need to start sharing more of myself online and join online conversations, which my introverted-self never felt very comfortable to do.

This blog is my safe little space to share snippets of my thoughts - you guessed it - online. And if these snippets spur an interesting conversation at a dinner with your friends, then lucky me.

Welcome to my space, happy to have you here.


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