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Having podcasters in your support network is a life hack

News flash! There is an undeniably strong correlation between living a more fulfilling life and having a good support system around you. I know, the revelation is shocking!

You are as strong as your support network. That’s a lesson that I luckily learned in my 20s but I also learned that getting the right advice from the right person is key. For example, if I need advice on female leadership in the corporate world, I wouldn't necessarily go to my dad first. Sorry dad!

If you have a growth-mindset, I strongly believe this: no matter where you are in life or how big your existing support network might be, you need to keep cultivating it. Your support network should always have individuals who are steps ahead of you, are more knowledgeable than you or who can simply ask you the right questions to help expand your perspective.

And sometimes, these individuals are harder to spot around you. And honestly, sometimes you just don’t want to meet nor talk to anyone (or is that just me?).

Cue in podcasters.

When I’m overwhelmed by my thoughts and choices, I turn to my favorite podcasts who are just a few taps away on my phone.

When I feel overwhelmed by my anxiety, I listen to The Anxious Achiever with Morra Aarons-Mele, whose calm voice and empathetic questions reassure me that it’s all going to be more-than-okay.

When I’m in a tricky situation and don’t know how to show up, I tune into Unlocking Us with Brené Brown. When I need some inspiration from badass leaders, Brené’s other podcast called Dare to Lead motivates me to become a more thoughtful and courageous leader.

When I want to feel more focused on my goals, Nike’s TRAINED podcast, hosted by Jaclyn Byrer and previously Ryan Flaherty, connects me with athletes and trainers who inspire me to improve my performance as a business woman and wannabe athlete.

And when I simply want to be entertained, I play Girls Gotta Eat for Ashley and Rayna’s unfiltered and downright shameless banter that makes me feel lighter and unapologetically more like myself.

These podcasters have absolutely no idea of who I am, but their perspectives are so important to my growth and wellbeing. Of course, my support network mainly consists of my family, friends, mentors and professionals. But these podcasters add theextra & easy-to-access support ✨that truly fuels my growth-mindset.

So next time you’re walking your dog (yes I assume you have a dog even if you don’t), just plug in your earphones and take a chance on a podcaster who resonates with you.

You’d be learning and getting your steps in, while your dog is happily sniffing god-knows-what on the street. That sounds like a fair trade to me.


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